What you would see as evidence when walking through a classroom:


Teacher will demonstrate writing daily with small focused objective.

Teacher will meet with students daily about their writing.

Students using I am learning to… I can pages while writing.

Students will be sharing their writing at least twice a week.

Students and teachers have common language.

Students are writing across genres.

Students are using a variety of plans.

Writing Demonstrations will be available for students to view over and over.

Teacher will continually assess students and their needs.

Teacher will take monitoring notes of students writing.


              Teacher will meet with students about their spelling.

             Students will have spelling words that are appropriate for their developmental level.


             Students are learning to spell words that they are writing in the draft books.




              Students will be reading books at their own level.

              Students will meet with teacher in small groups and/or individuals.

              Teachers will use plans that have flexible grouping, including group, objective, resource, and approach.

              Teacher will rove around the room taking monitoring notes.

              Teacher will demonstrate reading daily using a small focused objective.

              Teacher will meet with at least 3 groups daily.

              Students will share reading with peers weekly.

               Students will talk about the books they are reading weekly.

              Students will take ownership in their reading.

Teacher will keep up to date records of progress for all students in reading, writing and math

Teachers will take and analyze running records to inform their teaching.


Teacher is teaching to student mathematical needs.

Teacher will provide concrete learning opportunities before moving to abstract or paper/pencil activities.

Teachers will demonstrate math concepts and questioning and techniques to further their learning.

Students will join small groups with the same small objective.

Teacher will monitor student growth through assessments.