The focus of instruction is on mathematical thinking and reasoning. Students using the complete Investigations curriculum develop an understanding of:

Investigations is based on our goals and guiding principles, years of work with real teachers and students, and research about what we now know about how children learn mathematics. It is carefully designed to invite all students into mathematics and to help them develop a deep understanding of fundamental mathematical ideas.

"Understanding refers to a student's grasp of fundamental mathematical ideas. Students with understanding know more than isolated facts and procedures. They know why a mathematical idea is important and the contexts in which it is useful. Furthermore, they are aware of many connections between mathematical ideas. In fact, the degree of students' understanding is related to the richness and extent of the connections they have made." (2002, Helping Children Learn Mathematics, p. 10.)


As a natural part of their everyday mathematics work, Investigations students:

What we know about teaching


What you can do to help your child:

Once your child enters school, it is important to continue to support their growing understanding of mathematics. There are many different ways to help your child learn and appreciate mathematics, even if math was not your favorite subject in school. You can help your child by: