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Tope Elementary School

2220 N. 7th St
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                              Tope Elementary Staff  


Carrie Bollinger , Principal

Christy Martin-Lone, Secretary

Kerry Wilson, Secretary

Theresa Hofmeister, Health Assistant

  Frances Dominguez, Instructional Assistant 

Eagles Care

Stacey Keever, Director


Dena Haag, Teacher

Gabriella Hildreth, Teacher

Kristina Chavez, Aide

Becky Mascarenas, Aide



Amy Neil, Teacher

Megan Younker, Teacher

Frances Dominguez, Aide Christy Lone, Aid


First Grade

Julie Armbruster

Amy Modica


Second Grade

Jeni Ellyson

Jake Virden


3rd Grade

Carrie Freese

Kristin Mottram


Fourth Grade

Sherilyn Means

Jennifer Rollins


Fifth Grade

Mandy Jarman

Rochelle Kriegshauser



Deanna Harris, Computers

Lee Cantrell , Music

Toni Gunther, Physical Education

Megan Fry, Library



Specialists (Special Education Team)

Christina Graham, Occupational Therapist

Rebecca Bradshaw, Counselor

Barbara Hollingsworth, Resource

Pam Henry, Resource Aide

Sandy Patrick, Speech

Beth Day School Psychologist

Lance Powell, Gifted & Talented

Wendy Kelly, E.S.L

Mira Palmer , SNB



Deb Salazar, Lead Custodian

Leo Zamudio, Night Custodian  

Sonny Seng, Night Custodian

Zamudio, Salazar, Seng



Kitchen Staff

Amanda Radomski , Kitchen Manager

Debbie Lockas-Phillis






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